Writing 201: Day 9

Today’s assignment:
Prompt- Landscape
Form- Found poetry
Device- Enumeration


Conscious of nothing except the blankness of the page in front

The day was still cold and clear

With a faint feeling of satisfaction

The sun blazed down upon them

But only for something worthwhile

The touch of the faint breeze

That was part of the attraction

This was by far, in my opinion, one of the hardest assignments but I tried. I’m not happy with it at all but I decided to post it anyway. I got random sentences from the book 1984 by George Orwell.

Writing 201: Day 8

Today’s assignment:
Prompt: Drawer
Form: Ode
Device: Apostrophe

O my dear friend
I trust thee
                               For all these things
You hold dear to me

You know so much
And that’s what makes up
                               Our special bond

Every detail you’ve kept
All those secrets
                              I have made

In every level
we are connected
                        For every paper
You have collected

It’s what attracts me back
To thy dark and deep

O my dear friend
Please wait for me
                           For I’ll keep going
Back to thee

Writing 201- Day 7

Today’s assignment:
Prompt: Fingers
Form: Prose Poetry
Device: Assonance

These hands have learned so much across the years.

They have learned a thing or two here and there.

These fingers have achieved most goals that I didn’t think possible.

They have met a guitar, a flute, a keyboard, and a steering wheel.

These fingers have mastered each instrument and have impressed me as they move.

Once they see the crack of dawn they know its time for work.

They work and work and work for they have more people to care for.

These fingers have grown a gentle touch to hold and guide such innocent ones.

They’ve learned to nurture, protect, and hold when needed by these tiny souls.

My hands, I thank, and look at you, I am so blessed for all you do.

Writing 201 & 5 Photos 5 Stories

Today’s assignment:
Prompt: Hero (ine)
Form: Ballad
Device: Anaphora, the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the beginning of multiple lines of verse in the same poem. Or epistrophe is its counterpart: the repeated words appear at the end of lines.


Thank you, Sister

You are kind,

You are wise.

You make everything

seem alright.

Your strong character

gave me strength,

When nothing seemed

to be in place.

But when I saw

You fall,

I didn’t know

who to call.

You became so fragile

in my eyes;

You were hopeless,

I couldn’t come up with any lies.

To tell you

We would get through this,

Bad times just

never seem to miss.

You got up

and fought hard,

Not an easy road

one would guard.

You surprised me

once again,

To see how much

a human being could take.

I wish I could be

as strong as you.

You always tell me,

I am too.

I wish you knew all these years,

Because of you I have faced my fears.

I will be submitting this for Day 2 of the Five Days Challenge also.

I was nominated by Priceless Joy to participate in the Five Days Challenge and asked to post five photos, one per day for five days, and write five stories, one for each day. For each day that we post we are suppose to nominate one person.

I nominate, Amy Sampson, author of the blog, Snapshots, Snippets, and Scribbles. I am asking you to post every day for five days and write a story to go along with each photo. This story can be fiction or non-fiction and can be from a short paragraph to a page or a poem. And please select one person each day to carry on this challenge. This challenge is not mandatory and can be refused. Hope you accept to join the fun!

Writing 201: Day 5

For today’s poem…

Prompt: Fog

Form: Elegy

Device: Metaphor


Life had us ride a bumpy road,

tearing us down from head to toe.

Tough times showed up with no surprise,

turning us into monsters every night.

The chain that held us together,

loosened up everyday.

No longer believing in our persona,

Slowly our bond would break.

I hoped for brighter days to show.

A light lit up in front of us,

calm took over our state of mind.

A new path led the way for a new beginning,

Those dark days disappeared into the fog.

Writing 201: Day 4

Today’s prompt is to include an animal in our poem.

The lion.

A king of kings to all.

A protector, provider, selfless, fearless.

Always longing for survival. Searching for shelter,

Food. Holding his cubs for safety,  Making sure no danger

comes near. His queen admires his courage. His ego so high.

She sees him stand up tall. A fighter she has become. His kingdom is

hers. Perfection in his eyes. Looking out for their pride. Fearless to all where they reside.

Writing 201: Day 3

Today we have to write a poem in acrostic form based on the word Trust.

Here is my poem:

My heart knew the first day, we would make it okay

All the moments we shared, showed me how much you cared

Realizing how our life would be, made me feel that we were free

Running next to me, I couldn’t believe you got down on one knee

I knew I could trust you, even when I was feeling blue

A shocked mind with no clue, even though I already knew

Great times well spent, every word we meant

Enamored for life, I am so happy to be your wife

Writing 201: Poetry

Today’s poem should be written in limerick form and based on the word Journey.

Here is my poem:

Two years ago today I was blessed with a little girl,

My life changed immensely and so many feelings began to unfurl.

You’ve grown into a tough and stubborn little person,

A mirror image of your mommy that doesn’t sit well and worsens.

But no matter what you will always be my beautiful pearl.


I am not very good at poetry but thanks to my lovely friend Priceless Joy she motivated me to join in Writing 201 🙂