Just one of those days

So this week started out pretty good.  Usually on a Monday morning  it starts up with laziness and set backs to start up the day.  But this Monday was just right.  Everything went along pretty smoothly at home.  Chores were done, my preschooler cooperated to get to school early, and I actually had some “mommy time” at the end of the day.

But on Tuesday, it was the opposite of that wonderful Monday I had just experienced.  I usually try to workout before my daughter’s wakeup to get that out of the day and be able to shower with no interruptions.  But this time my preschooler decided to wake up cranky and throw tantrums for any small thing.  Luckily, she calmed down after a 10 minute explanation of why mommy had to shower and I put Sesame Street on.  (Thank you Sesame Street for helping me out with a couple of minutes to myself.) Finally, I get into the shower and I have exactly 1 hour left until I have to drop her off at school.  The shower is my mini getaway from “real life” and I wanted to enjoy it. But as soon as I stepped foot in there, my preschooler runs in yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! I need a Band-Aid, I have an ouchie!”  Well there goes my mini getaway..*sigh* By the way, it was nothing serious, she was just itchy.

I shower quickly, get out, do a quick ponytail, and find my 1 year old fully awake because my preschooler decided she wanted to play with her so she woke her up.  After chasing them around for about 15 minutes to get them dressed, we went down stairs to eat breakfast, and still had some hairdos to do.  My 1 year old hates getting her hair done but it had to be done.  It is now time for school and we are running late because my preschooler decides she needs to take all her dolls with her to school.  So there I am carrying my purse, their favorite blankets, and a bunch of dolls to the car.  Can my morning get any better than this?!

The afternoon did get better and I’m glad I was able to finish my to do list by the time my preschooler was out of school.  I’m just hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.