Love is…

Today I was nominated by Priceless Joy to join in the fun of spreading the love. It is a challenge from the blog of hashtaglove which was intended to do something a little different and interesting on Valentine’s Day.

Each person nominated is asked to write ten, 4 word sentences about love and what they believe love is. We are to write our favorite love quotes from a book, a movie, or from a famous person. And we are to nominate ten bloggers and ask them to spread the love.

Here are my ten 4 word sentences about Love:

1. Love surrounds us everywhere.

2. Companionship makes love grow.

3. Butterflies, smiles, hugs, moments.

4. Holding hands under the sun.

5. Magical moments lead love.

6. Spontaneous trips to nowhere.

7. Love is accepting flaws.

8. Love is understanding silence.

9. Support, patience, happiness, love

10. Love yourself no matter (what).

Favorite love quote:There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved.” -George Sand

My ten nominees:

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