Halloween success!

I can say this Halloween was a big success because after 3 years we finally spent it as a FAMILY! Woo!

My husband has always worked 2 night jobs so for many years he has not been around for Halloween.  I didn’t mind it before having kids but once we had our girls, I hated knowing that he was never around.

But this year he made up for it by going in to work late and spending time with the girls going trick or treating! Seeing them be so happy because daddy was there was the best!


Excuse the blurry pictures but my girls were Elsa and Anna!

How was your Halloween🎃? Hopefully as fun as ours! :mrgreen:

DIY Fall Crafts

My preschooler has always been into arts and crafts so I thought today I would do something simple with her for the Fall season.  It’s very basic and easy to do with your toddler, of course with the help of an adult.

Materials you need:
-Construction paper (any color)
-Scissors (with adult supervision)
-Glue stick


Cut the paper into strips. It doesn’t matter how thick they are.


Now, on one end of the strip you put glue stick and connect it with the other end to make it into a circle. (Or as my preschooler says, “It’s a bracelet!”)


Keep doing the same with the rest of the strips but link them together so you can create a paper chain. Add different colors to create a pattern as you go so the chain can look colorful.


Once you’ve added as many strips as you like, you can hang it anywhere in your house as decoration! We chose to decorate our chimney and added a few cutouts we did with construction paper also.


You’re all done!

I hope you liked our mini DIY arts and crafts for Fall.  And hopefully you can give it a try with your little ones.  Let me know how it goes..enjoy!


Happy Halloween!

Halloween is 4 days away and there are so many last minute shoppers everywhere looking for deals on costumes!  I’m glad I got my daughter’s costumes since July because I would be part of that crowd right now.  So lesson learn: Even if it seems weird to shop for a costume in the middle of summer, it beats standing in line for hours to purchase one last minute.