Love Always

Love should be celebrated every day of the year but there is one special day that makes it extra special. Today is¬†Valentine’s Day and I want to wish everyone a great day. The best gift to give is your company to the people you love the most. Make the best of it!


“Where there is love there is life.” — Gandhi

Happy Valentine’s Day! ūüôā


Best ever

There is no day that passes by that my 3 year old daughter surprises me or makes me laugh. She has a way of expressing herself that always leaves me speechless.

One way she figured how to get herself out of trouble is by saying:

“Mommy, are you happy?” and she forces a smile on her face up close to mine to make me smile. She always wins.

She has learned so much from school and others that everyday she comes up with new words, new questions, and new ideas. It’s amazing to see her grow up but it saddens me how fast she’s growing.

Today, as we were baking cupcakes she was excited to help me out. It’s always fun because she says, “I’m big now, I can do it too.” She helped me mix the ingredients and spooned the mix into the baking pan all by herself. Of course, she had to take a break because she said the spoon was too heavy so I took over. As I kept pouring the rest of the cake mix she sat next to me and hugged me. Then suddenly she said, “Mommy, thank you so much for the cake. You are the best ever!” I was speechless. My heart skipped a beat, I had butterflies in my stomach, and my eyes were teary because she just filled my heart even more with love. I told her I loved her and I must’ve planted a million kisses on her face. I expected to hear those words from her maybe until the age of 7 but hearing her say it so soon made me feel so special. I love how she makes sure to remind me every day how much she loves me and I have to agree with her she is a big girl now.

I can’t hardly wait until my little one starts talking more and see what surprises she has for me but until now “I love you mommy” will forever be my favorite quote from her.

Role Model

There are moments in life that you wish you could always keep a memory of. Sometimes you miss the opportunity to capture those moments with a camera but you can only trust your brain to hold on to that image forever. As I get older some memories have become somewhat of a blur.

When my daughters were born I bought baby books to fill in the special moments I wanted to remember the most. My goal was to write as many memories of things they did that I can always go back to and read. Of course, I didn’t continue doing it because one thing or another would keep me busy so I stopped. Now I try to take videos of my daughters once in awhile since I find it easier and convenient.

This week, I had one of those moments I hope I will forever hold on to without a photo or a video. Every morning when I’m doing my makeup and hair my daughters are always in the bathroom waiting for me to finish. I usually don’t notice them paying attention to any of the things I’m doing because it’s not interesting to watch. My almost 2 year old always sticks around until I’m done and her big sister goes to the room to play. Whenever I notice my little one be really quiet in the bathroom it can only mean she’s busy with something she doesn’t want me to know about. This week she’s been too quiet waiting for me. So I glanced at the mirror while I was doing my hair and I see her looking at me. She had dropped her blanket and her toy to be able to touch her head. I continue fixing my hair and I’m still wondering why is she playing with her hair? I wash my hands and I see her “wash” her hands too. I then realize she’s mimicking what I’m doing! I want to laugh but I stay quiet so she won’t notice I’m looking at her. I walk to the hand towel to dry my hands and she does the same. I smile and tell her, “I see you,” she laughs and runs away.

She has done the same thing every day and it fills my heart with happiness knowing I’m her role model. I had seen her mimic all the things her big sister does but I had never caught her looking at me. She is definitely following my footsteps and I hope I’ve been setting a good example for her to learn from.

I guess the saying, “Monkey see, monkey do” is very true.

She has now filled in another slot in my memory that I hope will forever stay there. I know it’s impossible to remember every detail of their lives but if I can remember those moments when they’re older, I will be the most fortunate mother.

Good moments, Great moments

2014 was full of many highs and lows. Nobody likes to remember the bad moments but we learn from them and move on. The biggest highlight of this year was buying our first home. It came as a surprise that we were offered to purchase the home we were renting and surely we became homeowners ūüôā

2015 is just around the corner and I hope there are many new surprises along the way that can lead us to a better future. My husband has been offered a higher position at work which I’m so happy about because he has been looking forward to that for awhile. So I’m very thankful for new opportunities this upcoming year.

As for blogging, I’m hoping I can get a lot more practice and learn from old bloggers that have been around for quite sometime. I know there’s a lot more to learn and hopefully I stick around long enough to feel I’ve succeeded in the WordPress community. Thank you to those who have taken the time to visit my blog and more importantly commented, it means a lot!

I wish everyone success, patience, and most of all great moments in 2015. Make the best of this new year and don’t give up under any circumstance. We only have a day at a time to fill with happiness and one day lost can’t be taken back.

Best wishes to all of you from my family to yours! ūüėÄ


Third time’s the charm

Ever since my daughters were born we started the tradition of pictures with Santa Claus. It all started with their first Christmas so we dressed them up as Mrs. Claus. For the last two years we went the mall to take pictures with Santa, it was easier to know he was there every day until last year at my niece’s school they invited Santa for the first time. I was very excited to take my daughter’s there and it was my little one’s first Christmas picture. It was closer to home and it was way cheaper ($3, I don’t mind paying the $20 at the mall but you can’t skip a good deal). They were both scared when they saw Santa but they managed to get through the picture with no tears.

This year Santa showed up at my niece’s school again and I was ready to take my girls for their picture. The difference this year is that my eldest daughter is in preschool and she comes out at 3:45pm. Santa started at 2:30pm until whatever time the crowd would die down so I rushed to my niece’s school right after picking up my daughter. As soon as we got there (4:10pm) we walked in and they were picking up everything. The organizer told me Santa had just left and they couldn’t call him back. My daughter was sad and confused because Santa didn’t wait so she asked, ‚ÄúWhy did he leave?” I felt so bad I let her down so I said, “He had to go home and rest. He has to get everybody’s gifts ready for Christmas.” She was happy to hear that and slept all the way home.

On Saturday, we took her to her dentist appointment. On our way to the dentist we passed by a school and saw that there was a lot of people in line. It turns out Santa was there taking pictures! I didn’t say anything to her because we had to go to her appointment first but I told my husband we should go there after. The appointment didn’t take long it was about 30 minutes since there were 3 other people ahead of us. As soon as we were told we were done I immediately took her to the school to make line for the picture. She didn’t know why I was rushing, almost running, but I wanted to surprise her once we got there. It seemed like we had been at the dentist for hours because when we got to the school everything had been cleared out. There was no sign of people, food stands, or Santa. I was glad I didn’t tell her Santa was there or that would’ve been a second time of disappointment.

Later on, I told my parents that I was beginning to think this year we might not take the girls with Santa after all because we seemed to be so unlucky to run into him this year. I really wanted to avoid going to the mall for many reasons: traffic, no parking, long lines, and high prices. But my dad told me he heard on the radio that Santa would be at the new shopping center by our house this Sunday and the first 250 people would get a free picture with Santa. I didn’t want to get my hopes up since I was discouraged by the last two attempts.

Sunday morning came and I got up early. I couldn‚Äôt make up my mind if we should go but I thought it wouldn‚Äôt hurt to try one last time. We all got dressed up and finished earlier than expected. My daughter asked, ‚ÄúWhere are we going?‚ÄĚ This time I did tell her just in case we actually did get to see him. As we got closer to our destination I didn’t see traffic or people. I was beginning to think that maybe it wasn’t even the right day or time. We parked the car and walked toward the huge Christmas tree they had displayed.


To my surprise, we were actually early. There was about 20 people ahead of us and Santa was scheduled to be there in 30 minutes. While we waited we saw that they were setting up a stand for face painting, a bouncy house, and a local radio station was raffling gift cards. The time came to see Santa and my daughters were very excited. We had to wait patiently as the other children ahead of us took their picture. Finally, it was our turn. They both ran to him, shook his hand, and sat on his lap. Both of my girls got through the picture with a smile compared to last year. After taking the picture, Santa’s little helpers, gave toys to all the kids. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Hans from Frozen were there doing the face painting and my daughters started screaming with joy. They took a picture with their favorite characters and they got their faces painted by Elsa.

Kristoff and Elsa face painting



Kristoff and Anna



Bouncy castle



There was snow! (The closest we’ll ever get to it here in L.A)



Santa meeting the children



This year taking a picture with Santa became a mission and I’m so glad the mission was accomplished! My daughters were very happy at the end of the day and our pockets were very happy too since we got all that for free. It was worth the wait.

Merry Christmas everyone and may it be filled with joy, love, and peace.

From my family to yours ūüôā

Motivation Monday

There are days during the week that sometimes may not be the best and somehow one thing can make your day a little better. You probably had plans that didn’t go as planned, work was too stressful, or you finally cleaned the house but your kids thought it would be fun to throw toys all over the floor (there’s no winning that battle). Then, just when you think it couldn’t get any worse something captures your eye and your day finally shines a ray of sunshine. I’ve had one of those days so I thought, why not share what made last week a little better for me. After all, its the small things that count¬†that make a difference.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” —John Wooden

Expressing myself without any words

My youngest daughter started saying her first words over the past weeks. ¬†It’s been an exciting time to see her learn and repeat what we say. ¬†She started saying I love you the past week which was so nice to hear. ¬†After hearing her say it over and over to my husband, it suddenly hit me how my daughters know they can easily express their love towards us. ¬†It should always be easy for anyone rather than deprive them from expressing what they truly feel.

When I was growing up my parents always told my sister, brother, and me that it wasn’t right to say I love you to them because it was, in a way, disrespectful. ¬†Maybe it had to do with the way they were raised and I thought it was “normal” to keep your feelings to yourself. ¬†They only way I knew my mom would show me she loved me was with a tight hug. ¬†From my dad there was no words, no gestures, nothing. ¬†Now that I’m older I don’t think I can tell them I love them and I haven’t even tried because I grew accustomed to hiding my feelings. It became a habit and we all seem to be fine with it. ¬†We are actually very close and rarely find ourselves in any argument. Then, I see my husband’s family, who are not close at all, be very open with telling each other I love you. Sometimes I wish it would come easily with my side of the family too but then I wonder, is it best to keep your feelings to yourself?

How can my parents keep us from such beautiful words?

I tell my daughters that I love them every day because that is exactly how I feel. I hug them, kiss them, hold them when they need me too. It makes me feel like I’ve done my best to provide them with the love they deserve and I want to make them feel that they are worth everything in this world. ¬†I wish my parents did the same for me as I was growing up because I lacked self confidence but they had their reasons. There were times I needed to hear those words to make me feel happy when I felt down.

I hope one day a hug will turn into words to express my feelings to my parents and I hope they feel the same.

Don’t ever keep your feelings to yourself, express them, show them, let it all out. ¬†The other person will surely appreciate it even if you think it doesn’t affect them in any way. They will thank you for it.


A small milestone

My oldest was watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood this weekend and¬†she started asking if we could go to the beach.¬† I didn’t know why the sudden question¬†but¬†it turns out Daniel had gone to the beach with his parents and was building a sand castle.

It’s been cold this past days and we’ve all been sick but luckily this weekend was warm.¬† I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go¬†but seeing her so excited looking for her bucket and shovel changed my mind.¬†¬†It had been a long time since we’ve gone to the beach and I’m glad we did because the view never gets old.


The milestone: My youngest first time at the beach


As for my oldest, she got to build a sand castle for the first time with her little sister.


The result:


Overall, a fun day at the beach but nothing beats seeing their beautiful faces full of happiness.

*After Photo 101, it has kept me closer to my camera to capture a lot of moments. Can’t wait for 201!